United Nations/Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics:
Workshop on the Use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems for Scientific Applications

1-5 December 2014, Trieste, Italy
Prof. Dr. Vasile Chiriac: GNSS Reference Stations Network Development in Moldova: Regional Cooperation with Romania

ARFC-Workshop on MOLDPOS
31.10. - 01.11.2011, Chisinau, Moldova

EUREF-Meeting 2011
25-28 May 2011, Chisinau, Moldova
EUREF 2011 - Presentation

Final Workshop
31. March - 02. April 2011, Technical University, Chisinau, Moldova

UN Workshop Dubai
16-20 January 2011, Dubai

2nd Meeting Karlsruhe University of Applied Science (HSKA)
23-26 November 2010 Karlsruhe, Germany

2nd Meeting Technical University of Moldova (TUM)
17 - 19 Oktober 2010 Chisinau, Moldova

XV Int. Symposium Geoinformation Monitoring of Environment
13 - 18 September 2010 Alushta, Krimae, Ukraine
Abstract XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010
Programme XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010
Contribution Vasile Chiriac et al - GIPS XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010

GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010
05 - 08 September 2010 Baska, Krk Island, Croatia
GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010 Programme
GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010 Contribution Jäger et al

Workshop HSKA
Workshop on the Geodetic Infrastructure for GNSS Service

04-10 July 2010 HSKA Karlsruhe, Germany

United Nations/Moldova/United States of America
Workshop on the Applications of GNSS

17-21 May 2010 Chisinau, Moldova
Download of Contributions and Proceedings

Initial Meeting (Agenda and Downloads)
10-11 May 2010 Chisinau, Moldova