United Nations/Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics:
Workshop on the Use of Global Navigation Satellite Systems for Scientific Applications

1-5 December 2014, Trieste, Italy
Prof. Dr. Vasile Chiriac: GNSS Reference Stations Network Development in Moldova: Regional Cooperation with Romania

ARFC-Workshop on MOLDPOS
31.10. - 01.11.2011, Chisinau, Moldova

EUREF-Meeting 2011
25-28 May 2011, Chisinau, Moldova
EUREF 2011 - Presentation

Final Workshop
31. March - 02. April 2011, Technical University, Chisinau, Moldova

UN Workshop Dubai
16-20 January 2011, Dubai

2nd Meeting Karlsruhe University of Applied Science (HSKA)
23-26 November 2010 Karlsruhe, Germany

2nd Meeting Technical University of Moldova (TUM)
17 - 19 Oktober 2010 Chisinau, Moldova

XV Int. Symposium Geoinformation Monitoring of Environment
13 - 18 September 2010 Alushta, Krimae, Ukraine
Abstract XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010
Programme XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010
Contribution Vasile Chiriac et al - GIPS XV Int Symposium Alushta 2010

GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010
05 - 08 September 2010 Baska, Krk Island, Croatia
GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010 Programme
GNSS Vulnerabilities and Solutions 2010 Contribution J├Ąger et al

Workshop HSKA
Workshop on the Geodetic Infrastructure for GNSS Service

04-10 July 2010 HSKA Karlsruhe, Germany

United Nations/Moldova/United States of America
Workshop on the Applications of GNSS

17-21 May 2010 Chisinau, Moldova
Download of Contributions and Proceedings

Initial Meeting (Agenda and Downloads)
10-11 May 2010 Chisinau, Moldova