Contribution to Technoprom 2014, Novosibirsk
Geodetic Infrastructures for GNSS-Positioning Services(GIPS), 2014
Reiner Jäger

GIPS for Brazil
15. November 2013

GIPS for Albania

Precise Out/Indoor Navigation
28. February 2012

Development of Geodetic Databases for MOLDPOS Services
UN Internat. Meeting on the Applications of GNSS, Vienna, Austria, 12-16 Dec
(Chiriac, Jäger, Kälber, Spohn, Younis, Nistor-Lopatenco and Iacovlev)

United Nations (UN) General Assembly - Report A/AC.105/988, p. 5, § 21: Karlsruhe
Monitoring Approach (MONIKA, - Use of GNSS-Reference Stations as Geosensornetwork for Geodynamics Research and Early Warning on Geohazards

Results of the GNSS-Heighting Test-Measurements for the DFHBF Quasi-Geoid for Moldova 18.-19.-October-2010